Lukáš Vavřík

Lukáš Vavřík

Lukáš Vavřík
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Tutorial~How to fold a paper dress.

A simple origami dress makes a cute DIY thank you card. It’s great for Mother’s Day, bridesmaids and bridal showers, or simply showing your appreciations for fancy ladies. Let’s get some fancy paper and start making this cute dresses thank you card!

Origami Box + Lid + Ring - Valentines Day

On this page you can view all of my origami instructions in one place! I have many origami video tutorials, boxes, bows, envelopes, hearts and more!

Make your own origami heart envelopes, very easy tutorial

Step by step how to fold a really cute, quick and easy origami heart envelope design that your loved one will adore. Sweet for weddings, Valentine's Day and romantic occasions.