Lukáš Jeništa

Lukáš Jeništa

Lukáš Jeništa
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Antibiotic Resistance Infographic Snapshot data-visualization on antibiotic resistance. » Data and more information here:

How drug-resistant are bacteria becoming? Which are the deadliest? Which bug has the strongest antibiotic resistance? Explore our data-visualisation.

Data Visualization @ Kantar Information is Beautiful Awards 2015

We take a look at some of the category winners from this year's Information is Beautiful awards, which looks to show "ideas, issues, knowledge, data – visualised".

Diffusion network for the tag #gop on Twitter. Blue — re-tweets, orange — mentions. Two communities are clearly visible, corresponding to politically left- and right-leaning users113. Communications between the two communities take place primarily through the use of mentions, while within a group communication occurs through re-tweets.

ORCM Architecture Model Transcendence, part online relations & communications management can transcend limitations related to traditional communications.