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Inspired by the music of Between Interval. >>> View On Black and Large <<>> Soundtrack <<<

See this Instagram photo by @kekai_kotaki • 5,111 likes

I like this - for making a random desert trek way more mysterious, plus the floating rocks provide cover for attackers/ambushes, which is always neat. Desert Rocks by Kekai - Kekai Kotaki - CGHUB

Underdark river & city

(by David Lecossu) "It is easy to go down into hell;night and day the gates of dark death stand wide;but to climb back again,to retrace one's steps to the upper air - there's the rub,the task.

Some of the coolest images I have ever seen. - Imgur

escapekit: “ Otherworldly Landscapes Polish photographer Michał Karcz has used a combination of photography and digital manipulation techniques to create a series of breathtaking landscapes pulled straight out of his “dreams, desire, imagination and.