He meets my eyes. I stare back. The corners of my mouth start to lift… and I smile. He smiles back.

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People Emily Rudd face lips blue eyes brunette looking at viewer closeup depth of field hands on head sensual gaze long hair hands model

black skinny jeans; awesome grey peep-heel booties; grey, black, and white striped sweater / tunic

fall/winter fashion - black skinny jeans and gray booties with grey, black, and white striped sweater/tunic

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RL redhead (I know this is moving towards pinup/porn but what a look,what a beauty) nothing in the world more beautiful than a pretty girl

Rin is an incredibly talented model, able to take clothes that already look amazing and making them look absolutely incredible.

steamgirlofficial: Rin is an incredibly talented model, "Rin" debuts tomorrow on…


From "non nude crossdressers" A bit of a liberty from the original . Hardly a "Cross Dresser" totally female I'd say. Pinned to my "Fakes" board.

Emily Rudd

Hey I'm Emily. I choreograph all the girls dances here at Millennium Dance Complex. The group dance is perfect for these girls. I can not wait ~Emily


yourdaily-inspiration: “ The beautiful Romy van de Laar photographed by Yorick Nubé. Romy van de Laar is signed at Elite Model Management.