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Lukáš Máčalík

Lukáš Máčalík
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Alice In Wonderland Drink Me Watch Vintage Style Leather Watch Women Watches Boyfriend Watch Men's watch Kindergarten USD) by FreeForme

I ship it!!<<don't you mean I SHIP it???

The guy's face in the tenth panel kills me. He's just like, "Fish? are you kidding me?" I wish this was true because then all I had to do was eat the fish and I would become a mermaid

Paint swatch collage.

Celebrate your dorm room - with paint swatches! Create a rainbow effect like Liz Apple's rainbow wall of paint chips or use paint swatches to create waves or patterns of color too! What a great way to liven up a room and make it your own!

funny-guide-tie-necktie-ways-instructions this will be so helpful during floor sets!

funny-guide-tie-necktie-ways-instructions I used to sell men's wear, nothing is hotter than a well dressed man!

Ok, this is like the coolest thing ever.

a blue ink tattoo of a seahorse on the side of the hand. when the tattoo owner curls her finger, the tail of the seahorse curls too i wanna get matching seahorses when i get married!