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Bardins by Lukasz Ruszel /midgar (via Creattica)

once in life....Amazing!!!! / surfing with whales / Movement <3

Once in lifetime photo. surfing with whales - note, obvi I don't condone surfing that close to a whale, only reposting because it is a pretty god damned amazing picture!

Brilliant Ads Poke Fun at the Trabant | MASHKULTURE

this ad was able to create great contrast with the mint green against the white background and making the car bleed right into the white creates a great balanced design. I also like how subtle the tag lines are making the car the focal point.

Beautiful Poster Designs | #1230

Vertical alignment of car and back bumper cropped out of view. Strong use of green within background and car itself, though the small amount of red is just enough to not overwhelm the viewer. Very interesting car ad.