How to make a teddy bear out of fondant, modeling chocolate, or clay

Tutorial medvěd s formovací pasty

freestanding air conditioning units -

For the modern city fae.D エアコン

Siege Studios - Timeline - Heat Temper Scale in comments

Knight weapon heat bloom effects, what weapon load out do you guys run on your knights?

The same area terrain base can create many different types of terrain.

Worldsmith Industries is raising funds for Resin Terrain for Miniature Gaming on Kickstarter! Help me launch a new line of durable hand-cast resin terrain for use in miniature wargames, roleplaying games, and model railroading.

Green 'Thumb' Dragon by KingMelissa on deviantART

Polymer clay Green 'Thumb' Dragon by KingMelissa on deviantART

Making dragon, dinosaur, creature, monster or  by on @DeviantArt

Making dragon, dinosaur, creature, monster or fish texture tutorial

Dragon Rats by on @deviantART:

Dragon Rats by DragonsAndBeastie.

How small details can and do make a big difference. A small guide on stippling Minuratures.

First and foremost here’s to a happy and healthy New Year for all! I’m very pleased that my step-by-step guide to painting Dark E.

glowing blue effect using p3 colors

"glowing blue effect using colors" miniature painting tips

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fimo bunny tutorial: I am sure you can use fondant/gum paste instead

Dwarf Miner Manufacturer: Scibor M. Minis. Love the torchlight effect.

Scibor Minis - Dwarf Miner Manufacturer painted by Rodion Rubi

Exhibition of miniatures painted by other artists from around the world.

Chaos Lord with an awesome blade

Age Of Sigmar, Hendarion, Liberator, Stormcast Eternal

DakkaDakka - Wargaming and Warhammer Forums, Articles and Gallery - Homepage


Cogs from wire connectors

Shield Heraldry Project tutorial #tutorial #painting #miniatures #hobby…

Shield Heraldry Project tutorial #tutorial #painting #miniatures #hobby…

I want to paint glowing things like that one day!

Dark Sword Miniatures Wraith With Bastard Sword). Dark Sword Miniatures are on sale now at Dark Elf Dice. Check out this amazing Wraith in heroic scale.