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an origami paper airplane is shown in black ink on white paper next to two pens
Finished version of the geo fox head. #fox #art #illustration
an ink drawing of mountains and planets in the sky with a pen on top of it
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imagen discovered by Rebecca Björk. Discover (and save!) your own images and videos on We Heart It
a pen drawing of a horse's head with a muzzle on top of it
Cross hatching by MXDVS - Dobermann
a drawing of a hand holding a rose on white paper with wood planks in the background
Cross hatching by MXDVS - Atelier MXDVS Rose
a drawing of two hands holding a rose with the petals still attached to it,
aesthetic astrology | Tumblr
aesthetic astrology | Tumblr
a group of people standing in front of the word riot on a white background with black ink
Cross hatching by MXDVS - RIOT
Cross hatching by MXDVS - Valentina Zedda holding a rose Demon Drawings, Art Reference, Drawing Female Body, Outline Drawings, Drawing Illustrations, Sketch Inspiration
Cross hatching by MXDVS - Valentina Zedda holding a rose
a drawing of a pair of sneakers stacked on top of each other
Cross hatching by MXDVS - NIKE SFAF-1