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a little angel doll is wearing a white dress and pink flowers in her hair, holding a rosary
Чулочная кукла - лучший подарок!
a close up of a stuffed animal wearing a santa hat and holding its hands together
three candles sitting on top of a wooden table surrounded by greenery and christmas decorations
a christmas wreath hanging on the side of a wooden door with snow flakes and pine cones
three brown boxes sitting on top of a table next to christmas ornaments and decorations in front of a black couch
a christmas centerpiece with candles and decorations
two wreaths with flowers and pearls are on the floor next to a bed sheet
a white angel ornament hanging from a string with a black star on it
white candles are sitting on top of a basket
a bunch of red candles sitting on top of a white table cloth covered tablecloth
some white candles are in a wreath with silver and white decorations on it's sides