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Pravčická brána (Rock Bridge), Czech Switzerland, a mountainous area in the north west corner of the Czech Republic

Stone Bridge, Switzerland Bohemian Switzerland also known as Czech Switzerland (Czech: České Švýcarsko) is a picturesque region in the north-western Czech Republic. It lies on the Czech side of the.

Kjerag: on top, fantastic feeling in Norway

This famous Norwegian spot of Kjerag is not so easy to get to.we're sure that a snaap like this for our travel adventures is sure to take home the big prize!

Trolltunga, Norway in 48 hours — forty eight hours in

A place I wish to visit is Trolltunga, Norway. There are many reasons as to why I want to visit this place but one of the main reasons is because I personally want to meet more people around the world, get to know this place more and most importantly to b

20 Places to Travel to in Your 20's

I can't even imagine the views and beaches in New Zealand - especially hiking trails! I would love to go "down under" and see this insanely beautiful country. Another long flight but well worth it I'm sure!