Nejúčinnější dieta: sacharidové vlny

The purpose of carbs postworkout is to replenish glycogen levels and assist in speeding recovery from training. This is the most crucial time of the day to consume carbohydrates.

Proteinové koktejly

Some new ideas for your smoothies? :) Healthy Smoothie Recipes by Martha Stewart. Substitute dairy for almond/coconut milk and sugar for coconut water.

5 tipů pro lehčí domácí workout

There are some things you should NEVER DO before exercising. Obey these 3 simple rules to have a great workout experience. Check this out!

Fitness | 3 překážky, které vám brání trvale hubnout

Fitness | 3 překážky, které vám brání trvale hubnout

Doplňky výživy | Omega 3 rybí olej

What are fish oil benefits? List of fish oil benefits. Top benefits of fish oil. Fish oil for men and women. Fish oil benefits for skin, body and mind.

Kranking je tak trochu jiné kolo

Have you ever been kranking? Pretty cool way to get an intense in if you want to switch up your routine.