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Lucinka Hrubešová
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The feels morty *BURP!.. the feels

The feels morty *BURP! the feels Rick and Morty comic

Code 39 besser bekannt unter dem Begriff Barcode

Code 39 besser bekannt unter dem Be Griff Barcode

Ghostbusters / Deadpool

xombiedirge: “Deadpool - Who You Gonna Kill? by David Kennedy ”

Cause ya know, Deadpool <3

Deadpool - "Suck It"

Your Friendly Neighborhood Underoos by on @DeviantArt

Your Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman

Joker Chibi - Commission by EryckWebbGraphics

From the chibi sale held a bit ago. Chibi Joker, as if he needs an introduction lol.

Batman joker

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ulfeid: “ “Hear the howl that eats the moon alive / Your fur it is on fire/ The smoke turns the whole sky raven black / And the world upon your back will crack.” ‘Tell Me What The Rain Knows’ by Yoko.

No words can describe such awesomeness!

Avengers - watercolour artwork, why is there some DC characters if it's marvels avengers

My random thoughts...

Aww Deadpool is so cute!