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<3 River

11 and River. Not just lovers like Rose and 10 were, but an old married couple.

I'm not crying I've just been stabbed in the eyes. I'm fine.... it really hurts....

Steven Moffat wrote The Empty Child and The Doctor Dances. The only episodes where everyone lives. The last time he wrote everyone living by the end of the episode.

Donna Noble... Keeping The Doctor honest. She's my favorite :)

The Unicorn and the Wasp: Series 4 Episode originally broadcast on BBC One on May written by Gareth Roberts

The Runaway Bride [gifset] - Love the way Donna tries to protect the Doctor <<-- Love that about her ♥♥

The Runaway Bride [gifset] - The Doctor Donna, Queen of Sass ♥♥

I literally cannot articulate how much I love this....physically not possible! #LOTR

The significance of the three strands of hair Galadriel gave to Gimli- a beautiful story. Please excuse the language. I almost didn't post due to the cussing. But it's just to nerdily beautiful not to post.

That's really good. I mean like good for Orlando and Peter Jackson. Lotr is amazing, and this is one of the many reasons why.

I think Orlando Bloom did such a good job of playing Legolas, and the death of Gandalf was such an important part of the film. To see death for the first time, he really portrayed it well, I think.