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That's just stupid.... Makes me hate 1D even more....

i swear this pisses me off so much. its the Lucker Stomp. not the freaking "Styles Stomp" you douche.<<<<< He needs to freaking stop he needs to come up with his own thing and stop copying other band members. It's the LUCKER STOMP not the Styles Stomp.

My Chemical Romance ~ Gerard Way

My Chemical Romance ~ Gerard Way. I think the 16 year old inside of me will forever be crushing on Gerard Way.


Description before this: lol MCR is always outdoing themselves XD. My description: Bitch, Please! MCR can NEVER outdo themselves!

Gerard Way as Santa.. umm I want this for Christmas.

Why does Christmas gee look so pretty?>>>Because Gerard is a perfect human

Gerard Way

He looks like he hasn't washed his hair in a tru Gerard aesthetic

Frank Iero

Frank Iero- I am literally out to find every picture of this guy just unf