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Lucie Vlasáková

Lucie Vlasáková
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Once in lifetime photo....Amazing!!!!  surfing with whales <3

Once in lifetime photo. surfing with whales - note, obvi I don't condone surfing that close to a whale, only reposting because it is a pretty god damned amazing picture!

It has always been one of my dreams to learn how to surf..  *sigh*  :-)

My dream has always been to learn how to surf. Did i accomplish my dream? Of course i did i never gave up whoever does give up there dream is stupid unsmart if they never lived there dream they havent opened there eyes to whats real

«Pierda cuidado, pues por lo general lo que acontece, acontece sin usted».

surfboard fin art // decorated wooden surf fins // classic surf design // beach life // beach house // surfing lifestyle // footprints in the sand