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Excuse me while I have Loki feels.

Oh gosh this is so true, I feel like if Loki was a good guy he'd be the greatest superhero, but he still have those days where he feels dark and Thor and the others tell him he's a nice person and not to feel like a maniac and I've just made myself cry

This, just way to close for comfort... *faints*

Loki - Tom Hiddleston <--- I love how his eyes change with what he's wearing. For example, if he's wearing his navy blue suit, his eyes are more blue than green, but if he's wearing his Loki outfit, his eyes turn a brilliant green

Loki oooohhhh emmmm geeeeeee the black leather!!! :D (I almost pinned this to my Desserts board! YUM!) <---- This.

character analysis: loki [[MORE]] Warning: contains spoilers for Thor and Avengers I’ve been thinking a lot about bad guys and action justification and good versus evil and that sort of thing lately,.

Loki, "Thor: The Dark World" - What's so unsettling is how calm he is. How reserved and determined. You know he's serious and you know you never want to piss someone like Loki off. There is a reason the silent rage is the most feared.