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an open pair of flip flops decorated with money and palm trees on the inside
a large cactus with spikes in a white planter filled with nuts and other things
Kaktus ze salámu #kaktus geschenk
some clothes pins are hanging on the clothes pegs with money notes attached to them
Wäscheständer mit Geld. Einfache aber süße Idee für ein Geldgeschenk :)
an ice cream cone with flowers in it and a note attached to the handle that says mom
42 Funny Valentine’s Day Gifts And Cards By People With An Unconventional Definition Of Romance
someone holding up a card with three stickers on it that says, gute beserung
Gute Besserung Karte Pflaster get well soon Wackelauge
four bags filled with different types of candies and pretzels on top of a table
easter decor ideas, easter decorating, spring, easter gift
a table with beer bottles on it and the words mench argere, rich night lockdown edition
Mensch ärgere dich nicht - Lockdown Edition..
two white bowls filled with coffee beans and lit candles
76 super einfache Ideen, wie Sie Teelichter basteln
an assortment of food and drinks on a wooden cutting board sitting on the stairs next to some wine bottles
two bags with money are sitting next to each other
Geldgeschenk Karten basteln - einfache Anleitung