I love sleep!! ♥Goodnight my beautiful followers!! Soooo tired. :) love you all so much! Thanks for getting me to 800!! Leave me a nice comment below for me to wake up to?? ---Jess :) xx

Goodnight lovelies ❤️ leave me some nice notifications to wake up to. I'm going to be on a lot more so stay tuned

Sé feliz...pasa de lo que te dañe, aléjalo de ti si tienes esa gloriosa oportunidad...ni lo dudes...en serio...mejora incluso tu salud, lo se por experiencia propia...si alguien se aleja de ti, no la/lo busques...déjala/déjalo marchar y que ni se te pase por la cabeza darla/darle otra oportunidad, yo lo tengo clarísimo...ser feliz implica no dar segundas oportunidades a quien te la juega.

its simple, isn't it? all i want is to be happy. for those around me to be happy. to be true. to enjoy life and eachother. love and happiness is everything!



I love my coffee in the morning and would like to pin a coffee and cream cottage in shades of dark brown, coffee, cream, white and touches of black.


It is hard to find a good friend. It is harder to leave him. And it is impossible to forget him.