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Lucie Rálišová
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Six of Crows

Plenty of you lovely book nerds already spotted it but now I can share my Six of Crows gang illustration for the Grisha Box! ✨ For those asking: it’s currently exclusive to Illumicrate but might be available in my shop in a few months,.

Kaz and Inej

noctefuror: “ Kaz and Inej from Six of Crows (kinda like how i picture them but no quite, gotta work on that), i´m LOVING this book ” Ohhhhhh look how beautiful

six of crows

makplays: “A couple weeks ago I listened to Hamilton for the first time, and when I heard the song “Satisfied” I immediately thought of the Crows. The whole time I was just picturing Jesper being the best man at Kaz and Inej’s wedding and singing.

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cryingmanlytears: “If we don’t survive this night, I will die unafraid, Kaz.”His eyes were nearly black, the pupils dilated.