Hello there. I hope you are all enjoying your summer (or winter if you are south of the equator!). I saw this toilet roll octopus and it inspired me to put together this quick paper craft. It’s perfec

Scissor skills / Straight lines / Mr Octopus (Mini-eco)

Paper Chain Snake

Paper Chain Snake

Make one special photo charms for you, compatible with your Pandora bracelets. This Paper Chain Snake is a fun craft for any snake fan to make. You can also use this silly animal craft as a countdown to your next trip to the zoo.

Dedoches de animais são baratos, mas muito divertidos (Foto: brightappleblossom.blogspot.com.br)

Moldes de Dedoches de Animais para Imprimir

These little animals would be fun for the kids to make according to each lesson such as a lion for Daniel in the lion's den.

Matchbox rooms - we don’t really have matchboxes but what about another kind of box so this could work? maybe bigger so that it could be a kind of dollhouse?

DIY shadow puppet theatre -  love the monochrome pallet and simplicity

DIY shadow puppet theatre - love the monochrome pallet and simplicity. I also love the idea of matching the shadow puppet theater to a book you are studying!

Witzige Tiermasken aus Papptellern basteln

Witzige Tiermasken aus Papptellern basteln

Pet bottle maracas

Sounds of Nature: possibly recycle bottles from pizza party, hot glue or super glue, yarn/ribbon/sharpies to decorate, bag of sand, funnel