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Lucien Procházková
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ahmen. lately i just let out the stress tho. fuck pretending!!

oh thats a quality through my zodiac lol and i thought it was me who was that smart haha. // Gemini have mastered the art of pretending things are ok when in reality is a big mess

Yup. I hate waiting.

Read Libra/Gemini/Scorpio/Pisces from the story Zodiac Signs by Dweeb- (Restless Teenager) with reads.

Oh yea my pain will be gone after I finish my drugs. I make sure to ruin your life in the long run

"And I have experienced both of these personalities in completely different people. Strange how a one Gemini can be a dream come true and another one can be your worst nightmare" - depending on who you are, this is me.

Winnie Harlow fashion model, spokesperson and activist. She gained prominence as a contestant on the twenty-first cycle of the US television series America's Next Top Model, and is known for having a prominent form of the skin condition vitiligo