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"dusty" brown color, "dusty" green color, "dusty" turquoise color, beige color, brown shades, dark brown color, gentle pastel shades, green shades, light-brown color, pale-green color.

Calm, inspiring confidence and trust color gamma. Natural shades calm down and bring the state of mind in balance. Mint, color of green grass combine harmo

dark lilac, dark purple, dark purple and lilac, dark purple color, languid tones, lilac color, magenta color, maroon and violet, monochrome purple color palette, purple color, purple hues, rich shades of purple, shades of purple, shades of violet.

The fascinating palette. Rich, deep paint look rich and expensive. Dark purple, the color of rotten cherries and black are magical, magical combination. The predominance of colors characteristic of the interior in the style of noir - luxurious and pompous