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Ain't this the truth! Exactly what happened to me. I always felt something was wrong with him and btt I figured it much time, pain & damage. All I wanted was for it to STOP. But with NPD I learned it's what???

It is not only women who have experienced the Narcissist/Sociopath. There are many wolves in sheeps clothing out there and they wreck havoc on those closest to them.

A recovery from narcissistic sociopath relationship abuse                                                                                                                                                                                 More

A recovery from narcissistic sociopath relationship abuse. And the Narcoid will continue his pathetic act over and over and over again.

cool 99 Awesome Camper Van Conversions That'll Make You Inspired

Constance has a beautifully rustic, solid wood interior and is big enough for a family to enjoy a comfortable holiday, long or short. Panelled in.

Circle of Sisters #magic

The Norns-- Urd or Urðr (what once was), Verðandi (what is coming into being), and Skuld (what shall be). Much like the Moirai

I would be the jewelry and face paint.

“I am this groping intensity that is a soul.” — Jorge Luis Borges, My Whole Life, Selected Poems (Warrior Woman, Luis Royo)