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Just in time for the big 'How I Met Your Mother' finale - our Mothermeter

'How I Met Your Mother' Mothermeter LOL! a very simple guide- side note blah blahs real name is carol as we find out in season 9

How I Met Your Mother

This Week’s Cover: Haaave you met… the latest issue of EW with the cast of ‘How I Met Your Mother’? - Can't wait for it!

how i met your mother

Marshall: She’s never seen Star Wars? Ted, the only people in the universe who haven’t seen Star Wars are the characters in Star Wars and that’s ‘cause they lived them, Ted! That’s cause they lived the Star Wars! (How I Met Your Mother)

Bars and Pies. It's ok Marshall, I would be addicted to charts and graphs too, if I had an endless supply supplier.

"This is a pie chart describing my favorite bars. And this is a bar graph describing my favorite pies." Marshall Eriksen, How I Met Your Mother