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a wooden bowl that has been carved to look like it is in the shape of a tree stump
Box Elder Natural Edge Vase SOLD by scartoo
box elder - be still my heart
a wooden vase with an unusual design on it
Turned and Carved
TURNED & CARVED ARTWORK In this work, I am using a lathe to turn a block of wood into a vessel or bowl form. I then remove the turned wood piece from the lathe, and using gouges, chisels, rotary...
a wooden vase sitting on top of a white table
Build Beautiful Headboard Out Of Free Lumber - Artistic Wood Products
*Wood Sculpture by Jerry Kermode (Redwood Burl Turning with Stitches and Natural Bark Edge)
a black and orange vase sitting on top of a white table
World of Woodturners
a wooden bowl sitting on top of a table
Woodturnings by Jay Mapson — Coming Soon
Natural Edge Dogwood Vase