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Lukáš Sedmík

Lukáš Sedmík
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Jacques Fabian Gautier

Large color mezzotint of a facing skeleton turned about forty five drees to the right with a brain and spinal cord in the lower right half of the page; Tables 17 and 18 from Jacques Fabian Gautier d’Agoty’s Anatomie générale des viscères en situation,

Their tears were their love poem 21...  Absolutely in love with all of Christopher Poindexter's Poetry.

I'll throw my voice into the stars and maybe the echo of my words will be written for you in the clouds by sunrise. All I am trying to say is: I will love you through the darkness. -Christopher Poindexter - I will love you through the darkness.

Uhuh ;-)

There are noe words to explain the love of Mother for their offsprings, there is no other true love then that of mother, we can just try to elaborate it, here are some touching, inspiring quotes fo…