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Lukáš Povišer
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Kate Moss in the coolest leather booties, looking so and fulfilling the heroin chic craze with the contrast of dark to light and her placement on a grungy table.

Coffee, Coffee, and More Coffee

cup after cup of bitter wonder i m so bitter at life.nothing goes better with coffee then sorrow.and i have loads of it.

Steve McQueen & Naile Adams photo © John Dominis. 1963 CA

Steve McQueen and wife Neile Adams in a sulphur bath, with cigartettes & Chablis. Big Sur, California in Neile was married McQueen until He refused to let her work. Photo by John Dominis

Warren Mimi's Highly Personal Architectural Home

Not sure how I feel about the baby-blue shelves. I guess I want bookshelves to be warm, dark, Oxford-y colors. But I love the chandelier and the use of space here. And the a just world every library would have, and need, a ladder.

Le monde

Daybreak jaunt ending with a stay at a local coffee shop/breakfast destination for hours to read (preferably in a peaceful breezy outdoor nook). This happens to be a beautifully captured photo of a dream location - a cozy café in Paris.


Set Coffee Chalk by Set of coffe drinks with names, drawing in vintage style with chalk on a blackboard. Text is fully editable and located on separat

Aladdin Sane Bowie Drawing by stardust

Aladdin Sane Bowie Drawing by stardust *beloved*genious*David Robert Jones as Bowie* - celebrating his today

Little Prince on the forearm #littleprince #littleprincetattoo #küçükprens #kucukprens #littleprincedesign #dövme #smalltattoo #karincatattoo

Little Prince on the forearm #littleprince #littleprincetattoo #küçükprens #kucukprens #littleprincedesign #dövme #smalltattoo #karincatattoo