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the stages of growing plants in jars with water and soil inside them, including basil, parsley, grow in water, sage rosemary
Propagating Herbs
some plants and herbs in vases with the title 25 plants & herbs you can propagate from cuttings
25 Plants & Herbs You Can Propagate From Cuttings
the different types of lavender flowers and their uses info sheet for each type of flower
Lavender and everything to know about it!
how to grow lavender flowers info sheet
The Easiest Lavender Care Guide
The Easiest Lavender Care Guide
a poster with instructions on how to use the garden info sheet for gardening and other things
a poster with the words, what to compostt and do not advertise
What to compost #juicebeauty
a jar filled with lots of food next to an image of eggs and other things
55+ Easy Small Garden Ideas to Transform Your Space
a menu for an event with flowers and leaves on the front page, including dates
Foraging must save! | Medicinal herbs garden, Medical herbs, Magickal herbs
an open book with some type of information on it's cover and the words bad buds written in english
Companion Planting - Hobby Farms