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Lopéz García

Art, collage, painting
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Opus 159, Collage by Lopéz García on Artfinder. No doubt about it - Zeus loved consorting with beautiful nymphs in the mountains and often visited them on Earth. Paper on paper 22 x 31.5 cm

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Opus 150 - Lopéz García

Buy Opus 160, Collage by Lopéz García on Artfinder. Discover thousands of other original paintings, prints, sculptures and photography from independent artists. There is always a beam of light in the dark. No matter if you are creeping in or out. The doors still open - it is up to you if you... but you know it, don't you?

Opus 161 by Lopéz García Blue inside, red outside considering his options. Paper on paper 26 x 20 cm

Fetch me this, Oil Pastel drawing by Lopéz García Dramatic strokes help García express emotion and add a feeling of movement to his works. It is an expressive and explosive drawing. Oil pastels on paper (42 x 30 cm)

Opus 158, Collage by Lopéz García Indifference - you shake me. You secret power - strength of a woman. And who am I? I am closed now.

Opus 157, Collage by Lopéz García He felt safe, always confident but you know: You never know, do you? The Death is coming (Part two). No matter what you do. No matter who you are. Connected to Opus 154.

Opus 156, Collage by Lopéz García Can you hear me? She was so far away and I could cry my heart out. Nothing helped. She was so far away as I am today. Paper on paper 22 x 20.5 cm

Opus 155, Collage by Lopéz García OCEAN Hold on to the thread The currents will shift Guide me towards you Know something's left And we're all allowed to dream Of the next time we touch

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Opus 154, Collage by Lopéz García The Death is coming (Part one). No matter what you do. No matter who you are. Paper on paper 19 x 23 cm