Lukas Stejskal

Lukas Stejskal

Lukas Stejskal
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Kitten sleeping

Kitten sleeping

Flux Capacitor... I need that... To tell my self not do few things in the past...

Back to the Future: Flux Capacitor Replica Unlimited Edition A Diamond Select Release! Building on the success of our sold-out Flux Capacitor Replica comes the

the knights who say___

Bring me shrubbery! For some reason this made me laugh so hard that I snorted. Everyone should laugh so hard that happens. Love me that Monty Python. "It's only a flesh wound"

Kitty Speak: It all makes sense now...

Kitty Speak - this is interesting. some people believe that because cats have different "tail" language than dogs this is the reason for their feuding. But when a dog is raised as a young pup with cats, he learns cat "tail language".


Here’s a cool retro photo of Fred Phillips giving Leonard Nimoy his classic Spock haircut and makeup before shooting. Spock actually enjoyed the gossip provided by the barber when he went for his haircuts.