Jindřich "Longjing" Sláma

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Czech Republic  ·  3D Game Environment Artist, Level Designer linkedin.com/in/slamajindrich/en artstation.com/artist/longjing sketchfab.com/longjing
Jindřich "Longjing" Sláma
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ArtStation - StG 44, Till Marzahn

I chose the StG 44 because I did not had a weapon asset in my portfolio yet and it gave me the opportunity do work on different kinds of

ArtStation - Gotham Police Car, Joseph Lynch

A vehicle I created to go along with my batman tumbler model. Based on the ford Victoria GPD cars from the Christopher Nolan films.

ArtStation - Procedural Wall, Sergey Gricay

ArtStation - Procedural Wall, Sergey Gricay

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ArtStation - The Concrete Block Project, Magnus Larsson

ArtStation - Scenes: 'TOMBA DELLE DANZATRICI', Massimo Caggese

in January reconstruction of the 'Tomba delle Danzatrici' (Tomb of the Dancers) from Ruvo di Puglia (Italy) made for the didactic video playing at the 'Le ambre della Principessa' exhibition (Palazzo

ArtStation - Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare | Orbital Care Package Pod, Katie Sabin

I was responsible for creating the design for the MP care-package crate. Since it was something that was dropped from orbit, I went with something along the lines of a space capsule. I was also responsible for the modeling and texturing of the

ArtStation - Ghost Recon: Wildlands - San Mateo - Santa Blanca Main Base, Jonathan BENAINOUS

I was owner of the San Mateo province and in charge of making this Landmark in collaboration with Yannick Signahode as the first graphical Benchmark for Ghost Recon: Wildlands.

ArtStation - Storefront, Clément Feuillet

ArtStation - Storefront, Clément Feuillet

ArtStation - Dirty glass effect in Marmoset Toolbag 3 - Tutorial, Ognyan Zahariev

Learn how to set up a material for your props with a tutorial by Ognyan Zahariev.