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Leo & Sonic - Kekkai Sensen                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Kekkai Sensen © (Blood Blockade Battlefront ©)/ Yasuhiro Nightow/ Editorial: Shūeisha/ Estudio: BONES/ Leonard Watch y Sonic (Leonardo Watch y Sonic).

Rσуαl Cσυят Jєѕтєя | Quotev

animal blazer blush brown eyes caidychen character name collar dog expressionless green eyes hanako (idolmaster) idolmaster idolmaster cinderella girls jacket long hair looking at viewer looking back pleated skirt school uniform shibuya rin simpl

Happy birthday!  [Original]

I am here to cheer you up so fly high as you can and freely without worrying cause I am just in your by your side

Anime picture with di qiu wang shi ask (askzy) single short hair black hair japanese clothes pink eyes traditional clothes looking back hair flower hair up girl hair ornament flower (flowers) kimono

Anime boy (^。^)                                                       …

he was found infrount of a school yard. he is 17 and he is a very quiet person. he is shy but is very helpful and playful(Actually Ayato from Diabolik lovers)

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Kuro (Prince Herscherik and the Kingdom of Sorrow), black hair, red eyes (Beauty Face Model)