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some people didnt even see me when i was right in front of them

that's a problem for tall people cos it's really awkward if our heads are above everyone elses, like today!

Yes. So true. I'm 5"1' and 17. I'm tired of being cute.

LOL idk if "hot" is a "compliment" i want to receive but i still don't like being called cute! -_- short girl problems I understand your pain! Though I've already gotten used to being called cute, I don't get as insulted by it as I used to!

Ya, I've had to do this. Sometimes people volunteer after they see me jumping.

short people problem you have to ask a stranger to help you get something from the top shelf at the grocery store!< I've had to this multiple times in the movie store. Then I struggle to put it back if I don't want it.

this was so me. In grade 5, I was one of the tallest girls but then I stopped growing and everyone else started :P

OMW, this was so me. In grade I was one of the tallest girls at but in grade everyone grew but me. and I haven't grown since.

Short people problems | Funny Shit!

Does anyone realize that skinny people with little feet actually exist? Size 0 pants and size 5 shoe are my struggles.not to mention the bra size.