Living in this generation sucks yall can AGREE

The parents sit down and say, she chose the stars over the ground, the little boy sees his parents cry in the next room.

I cried when one of my best friends showed me this. We don't always think about what that smile is covering up, even though we find ourselves hiding behind our smiles as well.

Nanami Aoyama eu sorrio porque eu não quero que você me veja chorando

600384_495035650536869_1002162665_n.jpg (782×782)

600384_495035650536869_1002162665_n.jpg (782×782)

Depende de la situacion...nos cortamos en la zona correcta...✖

- Have you ever cut yourself too deep and you know you did so you sit their shaking and smiling as you cry, proud of yourself for that moment because you're bleeding out all over, just staring at the cut?

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