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the different stages of building a garden bed in an open field with grass and flowers
Home - The Owner-Builder Network
How To Make A Slot Together Pyramid Planter http://theownerbuildernetwork.co/wtop Pyramid planters are great for growing various plants especially if you don’t have a lot of space in your garden or yard. It’s very easy and cheap to make as it’s made from recycled pallet timbers. All you need is an hour and a half and some basic woodworking skills.
some onions are in a glass bowl on a window sill
Have you been wondering what is the best plant to grow at your home, and yet to be inexpensive and easy? The answer is garlic. Did you know that by eating a whole head of…
candles are lit in a wooden tray with succulents
winter ideas for succulents
Succulents are a pretty and easy way to brighten up your home.
the garden is being built and ready to be used as a planter for plants
Vertical Gardening 101: Trellis and Raised Garden Box Combo's Amazing Benefits - DIY projects for everyone!
Having a small backyard shouldn't stop you from growing any kind of produce that you want! There are plenty of solutions for backyard gardening and a trellis and raised garden box combination is a great example. Cucumber, snap peas, green beans, tomatoes… ah, just think about that fresh organic food you can grow in a small area! Another huge advantage of this system is that it makes harvesting a breeze.
the letter k is made out of wood and flowers
DIY Monogram Planter Tutorial
This extra large monogram planter will add some beautiful color to your front walkway! Built with cedar to withstand watering and weathering, plus you can easily re-plant when this season's blooms are done. Tutorial from Ellery Designs on Remodelaholic.com.
multiple images of different types of surfboards in various stages of being assembled and placed together
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How To Grow 168 Plants In A 6 X 10 Space With A DIY A-Frame Hydroponic System
a poster with different types of plants growing out of the top and bottom of it
Follow all these tips to make growing healthy and fruitful tomato plants easy. 1. Plant your tomato plant in a place with 10 hours of direct sunlight. 2. Have enough space between plants for air flow. 3. Soak the base of your tomato plants once a week or more during those hot summer days. 4. Pinch and remove suckers that develop in the crotch joint of two branches. 5. Use a tomato cage to support your plants. 6. When your tomato plant reaches 3 ft. tall, remove the leaves from the ...
a plant growing on the side of a building
DIY inspiration | Homemade Twig Trellis
several different types of tomatoes growing on a trellis in an urban garden, including yellow and red peppers
20+ Vertical Vegetable Garden Ideas
Vertical-Vegetable-Garden-14 More
several pictures of different types of shade structures
Backyard Shade : 9 Clever DIY Ideas
Totally need one!! It's inly 3000 degrees out there!! 9 Clever DIY Ways for a Shady Backyard Oasis • Ideas, tutorials and some creative ways to bring shade to your backyard!
there are two pictures with flowers in them
13 Clever Flower Arrangement Tips & Tricks
#7. Use bubble wrap for floating flowers. -- 13 Clever Flower Arrangement Tips & Tricks
a plant growing out of dirt with the names of plants on it and numbers below
When To Plant Vegetable Garden - Get Help
When to plant your vegetable garden.... When to plant what? Time to get started!
several different pictures of wooden shelves with plants growing on them, and in the middle
How To Build a DIY Vertical Vegetable Garden
Excellent idea for indoor garden. Space-Saving Vertical Vegetable Garden gardening on a budget #garden #budget
several pictures of different types of boats on display
DIY Tree Bench Wrap Around Idea
Turn Old Kitchen Chairs into a Tree Bench
several different pictures of plants and flowers in the garden with text that reads 13 plastic bottle vertical garden ideas
25 Plastic Bottle Vertical Garden Ideas (Reuse Old Soda Bottles)
Follow these 13 plastic bottle vertical garden ideas to make something amazing…