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Santa Counting and Countdown Toy for Preschoolers
Santa’s here to teach counting, addition and subtraction! Watch the full video and see how you can use this DIY toy to countdown to Christmas Day! 👉🏻 Recommended for 2 to 6yo 👉🏻 For 2 to 3yo, use this activity to practice counting and number matching. For 4 to 6yo, practice addition and subtraction
the mushroom addition is shown with numbers and mushrooms on it, which are numbered in red
Pin Von Tosia M Auf Fejlesztés | Mathe Für Vorschulkinder B2F
a diagram with words and numbers on it
Unidades de Medida. Ejercicios con Litros, Metros y Kilos.【pdf】
Please follow me
an image of some legos with words written in english and spanish on the front
Jak se naučit zlomky? | Obrázky |
the back side of a card with an image of a bust and numbers on it
Římské číslice
the worksheet for learning how to solve fraction numbers in english and spanish, with pictures
Stiefel Eurocart
an info sheet showing the number and type of different items
Matematika: Převody jednotek - Monika Reiterová (2017, lamino) na Zboží.cz
the poster shows different types of objects
Převody jednotek - karta A5
a poster with different types of numbers and symbols on it, including the words go je zomek
Co je zlomek nakladatelství Kupka
a table with the names and numbers for different types of items in each language, including
Easy DIY Learning games for Preschool
the printable worksheet for addition and subtractional skills in spanish
Pracovní listy: Násobilka pro druhou a třetí třídu (násobení jedničkou až sedmičkou) - Web plný nápadů a inspirace nejen pro děti a mládež