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Liechtenstein Castle, near Vienna, Austria

Lichtenstein castle near Vienna, Austria - Lichtenstein castle is one of the most remarkable medieval fortified buildings throughout Austria. The story of the Austrian castle of Liechtenstein began in

Bolsover Castle

Bolsover Castle cross section [Bolsover Castle is a castle in Bolsover, Derbyshire, England. It was founded in the century by the Peverel family, who also owned Peveril Castle in Derbyshire, and came under royal control in

Chateau de La Hunaudaye Bretagne Cotes d'Armor castle chateau fort

Chateau de La Hunaudaye Bretagne Cotes d& castle chateau fort

Cordoba -  Almodovar del Rio castle

CASTLES OF SPAIN - Castillo de Almodóvar del Río, Cordoba, Spain - grandiose caliphal fortress erected on a high mound along the Guadalquivir river.

Il castello di Menthon Saint Bernard in Alta Savoia, Francia di Patrick Morand

The castle of Menthon Saint Bernard in Haute Savoie, France. (Château de Menthon) is a medieval castle located in the commune of Menthon-Saint-Bernard.

Drachenburg Castle, Germany

Schloss Drachenburg, Germany (Dragon's Castle) I am thinking that when this was built the view was void of the housing now developed around this castle. TOP 10 Fairy-Tale Castles in Europe

Corvin - a 15th century Gothic castle in Transylvania by Florin Ihora on 500px

Corvin, A century Gothic Castle, (aka Hunyad Castle or Hunedoara Castle), is a Gothic-Renaissance castle in Hunedoara, in the region of Transylvania