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This cartoon map shows the allies in WWI. Alliances included the Triple Alliance (Germany Hungary, and Italy), later the Central Powers, and the Triple Entente (UK, France and Russia), later the Allied Powers. Right before the war, the Central Powers lost Italy. During the war, the Allied Powers lost Russia to their own domestic problems.

Satirical map of WWI Europe: "Het Gekkenhuis (Oud Liedje, Nieuwe Wijs)" or "The Insane Asylum (Old Song, Newly Wise)" by Louis Raemaekers, Amsterdam, 1915

A Whimsical Sketch of Europe Historiana, British Museum

‘A Whimsical Sketch of Europe’ Published in London by Laurie & Whittle in 1806 From Satirical Maps on BibliOdyssey

Európa 1914-ben Amsterdam University Library / Historiana

Carte de propagande pendant la guerre de The second of two maps by Karl Lehmann-Dumont, both published in Dresden in both called “Humoristische Karte von Europa im Jahre 1914