Lucie Kastnerová

Lucie Kastnerová

Lucie Kastnerová
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A House Design Studio projetou o apartamento para um engenheiro de 30 anos, cuja principal demanda era que o cimento queimado fosse predominante na decoração. Localizado em Kaohsiung, Taiwan,o ambiente possui 92m² de estilo industrial, trabalhando materiais como o cimento, madeira, canos, metais e tijolos. Veja Mais em:

love the details ( Hulk fist, captain America shield lights, rubix cube bedside) and the wide twi level lounge & office/dining area

Mercantile Muse: A Little Corner of Bates Mercantile Co.: Let's Shop Here: Spa Edition

Skin Remedy I'll just start out by saying, I'm a little partial to Skin Remedy . I wish I could say I've been there, but I haven't. I wis.


love the idea of displaying beauty products in the bathroom in these kind of geometric shapes - so much nicer for bathroom storage!

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