Lucie Jelinkova

Lucie Jelinkova

Lucie Jelinkova
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30 Creative Minimal Logos | UltraLinx

Another logo showcase, but this time creative minimal logos! Here are 25 hand picked logos that we think look awesome.

Wildlife- I chose this picture because I like the straight on affect. It is simple but sweet.

Ek moes so paar dae gelede baie mooi dink wat beteken “hasie-tyd…” My liefste kleinste neefie ry saam my in die motor en vertel my dat ek moet onthou dis amper “hasie-tyd.

Bunny ages in human years. Second Hope Circle helps special needs pets in Ontario find homes through promotion, education and funding! More

This is a pretty cool chart to determine rabbit years to human years. My baby girl Flopsey lived to be 63 years old!