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Vastu Tips & Feng Shui Ideas

Design your home in accordance with Vastu tips. If you're also into Feng Shui, you might want to check out these best practices for good luck.
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Many of us want a Vastu-approved pooja room but shy away from taking active measures to implement the same. Often, this is because we are under the impression that major fixes will be required, and we are not in a position to make extensive changes to our mandir design. But what if we told you that your pooja room Vastu could be fixed in a few simple steps, all of which take very little time and effort? Here's how you can have a Vastu-approved pooja room with ease!
Your pooja room is not only a sacred place but should also have a positive aura so that you can get into a meditative state. According to Vastu shastra, the pooja room plays a pivotal role in harnessing and spreading positivity throughout your home. However, not many people are well versed in Vastu guidelines. So, to make it easier for you, we have collated some of the most important pooja room Vastu tips for your home. Read on.
Vastu is the science of energy and it works by elevating the energy of your home using different kinds of elements. Colour is one of the main factors that come into play as far as Vastu is concerned. You might have seen firsthand that some spaces go from drab to fab just by changing their colour. Imagine the impact colours could have on a pooja room that is supposed to be filled with positivity. There are many vastu colours for pooja room but we’ve picked the top 5 for you to choose from!

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So you have shifted into a new home? Or living somewhere for a long time and beginning to face troubles? If you’re planning to consult a specialist for Vastu Shastra for the house, then you should know that some of the remedies that they provide might involve major structural changes. But, there are certain elements of Vastu shastra that you can place in various spots at home to correct Vastu dosh. Read on to find out what these elements are and how you can use them as vastu remedies.
Mirrors, when used right, have the ability to increase prosperity and improve health while sucking up negative energy. Read on to find out how you can use this accessory in the correct way with these mirror Vastu tips to ensure that you reap the benefits it has to offer.
Some people look at balconies as a necessity while looking for homes. It not only completes your home but also gives you an opportunity to add that particular corner. But did you know that you should also consider Vastu guidelines for your balcony? If it faces the wrong direction, it can lead to significant problems at home. Read on to find out what are some of the things that you should keep in mind.


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As per Vastu shastra, the placement and direction of your money plant have a powerful effect on your financial and mental well-being. Follow these money plant vastu tips to reap maximum benefits from your money plant.
For most of us, 2020 was a washout full of disappointments and lost opportunities. As the new year promises to bring fresh hope and valuable opportunities, the question now is what should we do to prepare and tap into these new opportunities. We decided to bring in the experts to help you succeed this year with some Vastu for house tips! Acharya Manoj Shrivastava, Vastu consultant, geopathic stress consultant and professional astrologer, is here with his tips to make your 2021 a fulfilling one.
Bedroom Vastu could be at the root of this brewing discontent in your life. However, it’s remarkably easy to fix it! So, let’s take you through the elements that make a bedroom Vastu-friendly.

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If you find yourself feeling tired and lethargic even after a full night’s worth of sleep, chances are your bedroom is to blame. Alongside changing your bedtime habits and eliminating stressors, making simple changes in your bedroom’s layout could make a world of difference. We are here to answer your ‘how to make bedroom perfect for sleep’ conundrum.


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Diwali is one festival that Indians really look forward to. Irrespective of where each of us is, the festival of lights brings everyone together. So, have you started prepping for the upcoming festivities yet? If not, this might be the best time to do so. We thought these super easy Vastu tips for Diwali might help you get started. Follow these basic rules to usher in positive vibes and prosperity.
Many traditional beliefs hold that each home comes with an energy type, and Vastu dictates how to make that energy positive and fulfilling for family members. If you’re building an independent house or have a staircase within your apartment, the principles of staircase Vastu can bring balance into your home. So, let's check it out.

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Most Indian homes today follow the principles of Vastu Shastra to usher in a positive environment. However, if you don’t live in a Vastu-compliant home, you needn’t worry either. Instead of going for a full renovation, all you require are a few decorative Vastu items, and you’re all set. So, what exactly are these positive energy Vastu items for home interiors that you can use? Here’s a simple list that covers different Vastu products for each room.
Lighting is the only element that can brighten up your home. What’s the point of having great interiors if you cannot highlight them with great lighting? Your home is where your heart is and it deserves to light up in a way that brings ultimate joy to you. Vastu shastra has some good tips for extracting the maximum benefit from lights for your home. Read on and get inspired.

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According to Vastu Shastra for home, there are five vastu elements in the universe. Fire, water, air, earth and space. The balance and propriety of these five elements bring prosperity to living beings. That is why there is so much emphasis on vastu. Let’s look at these vastu elements in detail and learn how to ensure they are aligned properly when designing your home.
Many companies are giving their employees the option to permanently work from their apartments and homes. But to ensure productivity, you need a proper workspace in your home — be it a separate room or a corner in your bedroom. And if you have a home office, you must also follow some basic Vastu guidelines to attract good vibes. Here are all the essential Vastu tips for the home office, including the Vastu direction for the work desk at home, that you must keep in mind.
Do you often feel low? Or does it seem like everything is going wrong for you? It could be a case of bad vastu in your home. We’re sure you have heard people say that south-facing homes are bad as per vastu. If you have a south west facing house, you need to ensure that each and every room follows vastu principles to avoid any doshas (defects). This guide will help you.

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