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Our balcony or private terrace is the perfect place to relax while enjoying some quality time with your loved ones — or some alone time too. However, it is essential to ensure that you and your family, particularly the little ones and the elderly, are not at risk. You can achieve this by picking the right balcony grill design that ensures their safety. To help you, we have curated a list of modern balcony grill designs for apartments and homes.
Do you feel like you aren’t doing enough with your balcony? Is a balcony swing all that you are missing? Check out the best balcony design ideas and liven up your space.

Balcony Decor Tips

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Want your home to look new but do not want to spend those bucks? We have 13 ideas just for you! Let’s look at some of these savvy home makeover ideas that we have put together for you by brands we have worked with. This makeover of house in low budget guide will lighten your wallet by not more than ₹5,000.
If you have put off Diwali cleaning till the end, here's what you can do. Now that preparations for Diwali are in full swing, we thought we’d add a little more excitement and lend a helping hand for the upcoming festivities. These Diwali decoration ideas for homes can serve as a final checklist to deck up your home before your guests come calling. Take a look at home decor ideas for Diwali now!
Jazz up your interior design style at home with these 15 items on Amazon. f you love to do some itsy-bitsy decor but feel guilty about spending too much (particularly this year), we have just the Amazon shopping list for you! And everything on our list is priced under ₹1,500. What are you waiting for? Start adding to cart!

Expert Advice

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Whether you’re a pro shelfie styler or just need some extra space to keep necessary items, it’s undeniable that shelves are a blessing when square footage comes at a premium. Luckily, there are a variety of wall shelves and other types of shelves out there that do justice to your ultimate goal, be it styling or just storing. Read through to get some inspiration, from old-school fixed brackets to chic hanging designs.
Entertainment units, like any other kind of furniture, come in a variety of styles. While each one has their individual preference when it comes to decor, sleek contemporary designs are ruling the roost at the moment. These trending modern TV unit design ideas are typically characterised by clean lines and uncluttered structure. Take a look at this curated list of stunning TV cabinet design ideas from Livspace homes.

Storage Hacks

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Here’s the truth: if you are rummaging through the entire shelf or kitchen cabinet just to find a pan, you need to reconsider your kitchen cabinet organisation plan. But don’t fret, it is extremely doable! Take a look at this step by step guide to help you figure out what goes where in your kitchen cabinets!

Home Decor Trends

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There’s a lot more to lighting designs than functionality. In fact, designers say that the right lighting can elevate your interiors. And it starts right from the entrance of your home! Whether the entrance is wide, narrow or barely-there, there are several ways to brighten your entryway in style. Here’s how to dress your foyer with the perfect lights to make a grand opening statement.
Traditional lights are great way to light up your home this Diwali. And the best part is that you don't have to remove them once the festive season is gone. Here are some amazing lighting ideas for your home straight up from the best Livspace homes of this decade. Check them now!
This Diwali will not bring people together, but that doesn't have to diminish its shine! Take these apartment-friendly Diwali deco tips from our stylist if you are stuck at home.

Lighting Ideas

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15 ideas from real homes that can make the difference between a good home and a great one.
When you're looking for sofa styling ideas, you often don't know the decor stories each of these sofa designs have. If you're looking to pick a modern sofa for your home, here's a look at modern sofa design, stylish modern sofa design, contemporary sofa design and so many exciting sofa styles.
An exciting and impressive blue sofa is just what your home needs to top up on style factor. But here's a look at 17 stylish modern sofa designs so that you can choose the one that speaks to you!

Furniture Tips

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Although red oxide flooring fell out of popularity for a little while, it is now making a popular comeback and is once again the favourite choice among interior designers. That’s because it is cost-friendly, and can add a much-needed touch of rural beauty to the house. Read on to know why it's the smart choice in comparison to all flooring design ideas.

Flooring Tips

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Wardrobes are no longer just a storage space for our junk. The way we look at wardrobe colours has evolved over the years. They have become a part of our design aesthetic and they can disturb the aesthetics of the space they are in if they do not complement the interior design scheme of our rooms. Bedroom wardrobe door design matters more than ever now! But first, let’s get some good-luck vibes with vastu-friendly wardrobe colours.

Decor & Inspiration

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You don't have to shy away from white interiors anymore! Take a look at this couple's stunning all-white home in Hyderabad! It’s not everyday that you come across a home in Hyderabad with all-white interiors. Imtiaz and Ramla were certain they wanted their new Hyderabad interiors home to have a minimal, clean and monochromatic design.
The Ashturkar family was expecting a new member and they wanted to make their home a comfortable haven for the little one and themselves. This Pune interior design project is turning heads with its absolutely functional design all done on a budget! This family of five required loads of storage that is not too evident and we obliged. Take a tour to see how!
What is that one thing that sets an Indian home apart? It’s our love for colours! A colorful home is typically one that suits our desi sensibilities. Hence, even when we adopt other styles, for example the contemporary style like Pateek and Ruchika Vasishta chose for their 4BHK in Gurgaon, it’s a more vibrant version of the style.

New Home Interiors

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Optimise your small 1BHK flat interior design with these smart decor tips and tricks that seamlessly blend space, style and functionality into one cosy space!
We all love jaali designs. But do you know what goes into making a jaali pattern? Find out everything you need to know about jaalis here and get some great decor ideas and tips to get started.
With the onset of summer upon us, it’s time to bring out those lemon coolers, ice creams and crank up the ACs. Okay, you have remedies for yourself in place now, but what about your plants? Rising temperatures means your plants will require special care in order to survive and beat the heat. Are your houseplants dying in summer? Here's what you need to do.


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It is extremely common these days for modern apartments to have limited space with no dedicated room to turn into a pooja room. So what do we do in that case? You will not have to spare a lot of space to create these corners—just some clever thinking. These home decor ideas help you turn those parts of your home into a pooja corner, that you never thought of.
Placing a statue of Buddha will help to usher positivity and harmony into your home. Here's where to keep a Buddha statue in the house. Read this guide to attract positive chi/qi (a Chinese word that roughly translates to the vital life force of an entity) by placing the different forms of the Buddha statues in your home.
The image of the Buddha is now both secular and versatile in terms of appeal. However, few people actually know the significance of the different poses of the Buddha and where to place the Buddha statue for home vastu. The the question arises, where to keep Buddha statue in the house and why?

Pooja Room Designs

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As we move into isolated nuclear living models and our homes get smaller in size, functional spaces like bathrooms become compact. Indian bathroom designs were not traditionally compact, but good design is always about adapting your space to your lifestyle. Hence, our bathroom design ideas must now shine, not shrink! So you think small spaces cannot shine? Think again after you have taken a look at how we optimised these small bathrooms to look spacious.
Bathroom ideas in terms of design are dependent on various factors such as the size, shape, location and function of the space. In fact, most of us place bathrooms into categories based on size; big and small bathrooms. In this article, we cover all the different types of bathrooms, what works best for your modern homes, and easy ways to design your bathroom to have a spa like experience at home!
Choosing your bathroom tiles designs can alter the entire look and feel of your bathroom and one easy way to go about it is to find the design that appeals to you most. When it comes to deciding your bathroom wall tiles designs, the possibilities are endless. From an arena of colours to shapes, sizes and textures, your morning thinking space can get a complete makeover with some Livspace inspiration.

Bathroom Decor

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In fact, most people prefer false ceiling designs, as they are the focal point of any bedroom. Apart from being a decorative element, a modern bedroom ceiling design also has useful features. From trendy to functional, take a look at the best false ceiling design for bedrooms by Livspace.
Looking for stunning gypsum ceiling designs? We have curated the top 5 trends of 2022 that will transform the look of your ceiling!
A ceiling design can go beyond holding just lighting fixtures. With modern designs and finishes it’s possible to add a little more oomph to your design with a few innovative decor elements. Moreover, you might just be delightfully surprised to see a hint of maximalism or even vintage aesthetics that exists in your home to make a grand comeback in 2022.

Ceiling Design

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