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Places to see and experience in Prague, Czech Republic Get some inspiration from someone who lives in this wonderful city :)

The 10 Best Contemporary Art Galleries In Prague

David Ĉerný, Brownnosing, FUTURA Centre for Contemporary Art, 2004 | Courtesy FUTURA Center for Contemporary Art


Reality Czech: an artist's tour of Prague

The city may suffer from tourist overload, but if you know where to look you can still find its Bohemian soul

I like to think that once a week I have a free day. In fact, it's not quite a full day because at four I need to pick up my son, take him ...

Terasy Barrandov – areál nostalgických vzpomínek

Прага. Шпаргалка для туриста. - bazar, inzerce Křesla a gauče - ratanové křeslo - Praha 1

Мне нравится думать, что раз в неделю у меня есть свободный день. На самом деле это не совсем полный день, потому что в четыре нужно забирать ребенка из школы, везти…

In Prague, Art is Everywhere but Not Always Easy to Find

Away from the heavily touristed Old Town, an intriguing contemporary art scene is developing.

О Праге, Чехии, путешествиях и искусстве

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