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George Jones – White Lightning…

GEORGE JONES WHITE LIGHTNING this was my absolute favorite song when I was little (it still is) I would sing it all the time and if a teacher asked what my favorite song was it would be this one.

Alabama Proclaims Faith With Inspiring 'Old Rugged Cross' Performance

When someone thinks of the band Alabama, some of the first songs that come to mind are the upbeat "Mountain Music" and "Tennessee River".

George Jones Songs - It won't matter with me... For when she ran away, my world…

George Jones Songs - It won't matter with me. For when she ran away, my world ended that day. So I don't care if tomorrow never comes. Country Music Lyrics by Country Rebel

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Conway Twitty Songs [VIDEO] Conway in a priceless performance of his classic hit, "Hello Darlin" on live television back in Country Music Videos by Country Rebel Co.

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In this patriotic tribute to America, John Wayne gracefully sings "America Why I Love Her", and it's absolutely beautiful.John Wayne is an American icon.