designer sander jackson siswojo has created a perfectly functional chair comprised solely of cardboard. the eco friendly chair comes neatly folded in its minimalist packaging ready to be constructed.

March, Happiness, Bonheur, Joy, Happy, Being Happy, Mars

Modular Paper Furniture by Michal Marko

The environment friendly paper tube chair by Manfred Kielnhofer.Enjoy the environment friendly paper chair that is made from your recycled newspapers. The cardboard chairs were made in 2002 and since them have been used in Artpark and for various events…

RE-PLY RECLINER BY DAN GOLDSTEIN. Love the use of heavy corrugated cardboard labeled 'FURNITURE'! So many ways you can take this idea and apply it to other pieces of furniture. re-purposing other wire bases, for example.

Lazerian’s Bravais Chair has been touring, in Lab Craft’s Digital Adventures in Contemporary Craft exhibition.