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a worksheet showing parts of the body for kids to use in their classroom
Science : my body worksheet
a person holding up a book with several pieces of paper attached to it
Lapbook český jazyk
an open book with lots of different things on it and some papers attached to the pages
Flickriver: Photoset 'Bible Lapbooks' by SandraMac2007
lap book ideas for preschoolers
someone cutting out colored paper on top of a table
Adding a page to a lapbook.mpg
How to make a Tri-Folder Lapbook.mpg - YouTube
an assortment of papers and stickers are displayed on a table with a sign that says stork's diet
Storks Lapbook - Homeschool Share
Storks Free Unit Study and Lapbook. This was a good one, and it went well with The Wheel on the School.
four stickers with pictures of hands and eyes on them, including an open book
IM000143.JPG (image) I've been wanting to start doing some lap books with isabella. This looks like a good one to start with.
a red table topped with lots of paper cut out to look like numbers and circles
Lapbook delle tabelline
Grazie al sito "solo lapbook" oggi io e Mimma abbiamo creato un fantastico lapbook per le tabelline! ...
an open book with pictures of planets and their names
Lapbook VESMÍR / Zboží prodejce zichisek
Lapbook VESMÍR
several pictures of different things on display in the same room, including papers and magnets
lapbook PRAVĚK / Zboží prodejce zichisek
a paper bag with various items on it sitting next to a clock and other things
Schon lange möchte ich mit meiner Klasse mit einem Lapbook arbeiten. Was das ist, könnt ihr hier lesen: Primarwiki Diese Woche war es nun...