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Education: IEP, 504, Advocacy & Accommodations

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Meditation and ADHD: The Best Way to Live In The Moment - HealthyADHD | Info, Coaching, & Community for Women
Mindfulness Meditations for Kids – Mindfulness Exercises
take a deep breath - YouTube

ADHD & Mindfulness

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List Of Best ADHD Podcasts. Get to know about attention deficit hyperactivity disorder life management tips, powerful parenting strategies, and technology tips, dedicated to children, parents and anyone who is looking to take control while living with ADHD or ADD
Welcome to the ADHD reWired Podcast

ADHD-Related Books, Videos & Audios

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Scientists conducted a study to image the neural activity analogues to cognitive flexibility and discover differences in the brain activity of children with ADHD and those without.
Default Mode Network: What Is It & How Does It Impact ADHD?
Brain Stimulation and ADHD / ADD: Cravings and Regulation

ADHD Brain

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Not Everyone Needs an ADHD Coach - HealthyADHD | Info, Coaching, & Community for Women
The Coach-Client Relationship: A Model for Self-Partnership | Coach Elizabeth Brink
Parent Resources For Their ADHD Children in School.

ADHD Coaching

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Video Game Addiction: Signs, Causes, ADHD Link, Treatment
Substance Abuse Treatment with Comorbid ADHD: A Clinician’s Guide
Substance Use Disorder: Symptoms, Treatments, ADHD Link

ADHD & Addiction

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Neuroqueer Folks on Intersection of LGBTQ, ADHD: Ableism, Homophobia
What Is Depression? Symptoms and Overview
Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD), also known as dyspraxia, common disorder affecting fine and/or gross motor coordination in children & adults.

ADHD & Co-Occurring Conditions

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Behrad | ADHD Meme Therapy on Instagram: "I’m staying busy at least . . . #adhd #adhdmemes #audhd #asd"
Mel Robbins on Instagram: "This one hit a little too close to home for me 😂 Drop a ✋ if you can relate too. Tap for credit."

ADHD Quotes & Graphics

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Adult-Onset ADHD: Treatment in Primary Care
Overcoming the Hurdles of Getting an Adult ADHD Diagnosis - Edge Foundation
Midlife Crisis with ADHD Common: Emotional Dysregulation, Impulsivity

Adult ADHD - General

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The whole universe in my suitcase - ADHD Animated Short Film - YouTube
Result of Untreated ADHD 2009 C - YouTube

Children w/ ADHD - General

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Buy massage set Pranamat ECO
Candin Phillips, ADHD Coach & Therapist on Instagram: "(Not sure why his video is frozen all of a sudden but the sound is good) I’d love to hear for you’ve already tried this approach! It’s an excellent tip and immediately breaks down the feeling of being “attacked” by a question. #adhdcommunity #adhdsupport #communicationtips #adhdparents #adhdteens #adhdadult #adhdcoach"

Coping Tools/ADHD

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What is demand avoidance? 'Demand avoidance’ involves not being able to do certain things at certain times, either for yourself or others, and also refers to the things we do in order to avoid demands. It's a natural human trait – avoiding demands is something we all do to
Chronic Shame in Adults with ADHD: Understanding the Source
ADHD Related Body Dysmorphic Disorder: Related Conditions

Diagnosis & General ADHD Info

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Natural ADHD Remedies: Supplements, Vitamins, Foods
ADHD and Sleep Problems: Why You're Always Tired

Diet, Exercise, & Sleep

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Brili Adult Free Download - Candin Philips
ADHD Apps: Mobile Resources for ADD Minds

Digital Tools to Manage Living w/ ADHD

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How students can stay engaged in online classes - Creating Positive Futures
I'm Worried For Our Kids - Seth Perler
The 25 best educational podcasts for learning what you missed in school

Distance Learning Tips & Transitioning Back to In-Person Learning for ADHD Students

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Amanda E. White, LPC on Instagram: "A lot do you are reaching out about the last post I did and asking how exactly can you process your emotions! Here you go!!! Use the acronym to help! And if you are in the market for a therapist to support you in this further, my practice @therapyforwomencenter has openings in the Philadelphia area and 27 states virtually across the country. Check out our Instagram or website (link in bio) to learn more!! How do you process your emotions?!"
Amanda E. White, LPC on Instagram: "When I landed myself in therapy because of my drinking, I had no interest in identifying how I felt. I just wanted to FEEL BETTER! Maybe you relate to this.⁠ ⁠ But the truth is, neither I, nor anyone else, can make you feel better or make your emotions go away. However, as a therapist I have learned a LOT about emotions over the years, and I CAN share some techniques to help learn emotional regulation.⁠ ⁠ The better you are able to identify and label your emot
DESR and ADHD: The Overlooked Emotional Component of ADHD

Emotional Regulation/ADHD

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How to Improve Executive Function Skills in ADHD Adults, Children

Executive Function

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How academic ability masked my obvious ADHD as a kid
Can You Be "Too Smart to Have ADHD?"

Gifted & ADHD/2e

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ADHD Medications and Breastfeeding | InfantRisk Center
How to Manage ADHD Medication in College
While patients with ADHD today still face numerous unmet needs, a number of newer pharmacologic agents and devices with potential advantages over traditional therapies have emerged and gained regulatory approval.

Medications & Supplements

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Declutter + Organize Your Phone | Aesthetic Ideas for Your Home Screen - YouTube
Decluttering Tips for ADHD Brains: How to Organize

Organization & Clutter

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All Talk and No Action? Try “If-Then” Plans… - Creating Positive Futures
Do I jump in, or let them fail? - Creating Positive Futures

Parenting & ADHD

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7 Self-Care Bullet Journal Spreads - Heather LeGuilloux / mental health blogger
Levenger | Circa LevTex Foldover Notebook

Planners: Bullet Journaling

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The psychology of student planners - Creating Positive Futures
The ADHD-Busting Digital Productivity Planner – The Personal Growth Company
Passion planners give you space to dream big with your goals : NPR

Planners: General & To Do Lists

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Why do adults and children with ADHD or ADD have strong motivation and executive function for some tasks and never find the cognitive spark to do others?
There is a ready source of motivation: The neurotransmitters in your brain — and there’s a brain hack that can turn those on.

Procrastination & Motivation Struggles

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Opinion | Stop Multitasking. No, Really — Just Stop It. - The New York Times
Candin Phillips, Licensed Therapist, ADHD Coach, Mental Health on Instagram: "I could not resist this song! I swear we don’t mean to! And I so love my husband for his patience. Here are the things that can cause (ME) to play this role in our relationship 1. Poor sense of time- the clock moved faster than I expected 2. Poor sense of time- I thought I could do more in the time I had 3. I mixed up what time we actually needed to leave 4. I got my son ready before myself 5. I had a specific outfit

Productivity & Time Management

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