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a christmas ornament hanging from a pine tree with a snowman on it
Bethany Lowe Christmas Decorations
a christmas ornament with a red ribbon on it and a small tree in the center
Altered Tart Tin Ornament from the Studio Stash
an ornament hanging from a tree with the word joy in it's center
~thrifty thursday~{ tart pan ornaments } - My Sweet Savannah
an ornament hanging from a christmas tree decorated with pink flowers and teddy bears
100 Shabby Chic Christmas Decors That Celebrates Your Love for All Things Vintage & Pastel - Hike n Dip
a person holding two glass plates with pictures on them in front of a white background
DIY Vintage Inspired Tart Tin Ornaments
a glass plate with an image of a woman holding a christmas tree and pearls on it
valentine's day magnets made out of vintage tin cans and heart shaped tags
How to Make Sweet Vintage Tart Tin Valentine's Day Magnets
four miniature christmas tins with santa claus and other decorations on them, all decorated in different shapes and sizes
Day 13 - Gnome Tart Tin Ornaments
two christmas ornaments with santa clause on them
Day 12 - Vintage Santa Tart Tin Ornaments
a christmas ornament hanging from a crochet doily
Easter Bunny Ornaments
a silver tea pot with an ornate design on it
Vintage Tin Ornament Holiday Ornament Christmas Ornament - Etsy
an ornate tea pot is sitting on a tray with other decorative items in the shape of seashells
Vintage Tin Ornament Silver Ornament Antique Ornament | Etsy
an ornament is shown on top of a table
White Christmas Swapping
three gold flower shaped dishes with the words hot and cold on them, hanging from strings
Vintage Tart Tin, Silver Ornaments Set, Christmas Decorations
three decorative glass dishes with doily and lace on the edge, one is saying believe
90 Homemade Christmas Ornaments
three tinsel wrapped christmas decorations with pictures on them
More handmade ornaments
Handmade ornaments--remember these old reflectors?
four metal candlesticks sitting next to each other on a tile floor in front of a stone wall
Tankesport.se | Korsord & Sudoku i Alla Svårighetsgrader
planter tart tins or candleholders
there are three pictures on the doily
Mixed media vintage tart tin magnets I had listed on my Etsy shop. | Mexican folk art by me!
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a tiara with an image of a woman on it
three ornaments are hanging on the wall
2014 WoW Christmas Ornament Swap: Set No 14 of 16
Wings of Whimsy: Christmas Ornament Swap 2014
three pictures of santa claus are in the middle of a tray with silverware and spoons
Altered spoons and tins
Altered Art Spoons & Tins, repurpose, silverware, utensils, kitchen, silver tray