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a bathroom with floral wallpaper and patterned flooring
Harbor Springs - Cameron Ruppert Interiors
Harbor Springs - Cameron Ruppert Interiors
an image of a chair with flowers painted on the wall behind it and text about flowers from paul frank furniture co
About flowers at dedar
an empty room with a window and wallpaper on the walls in front of it
We Are The Dreamers of Dreams
fabulous walls
a bathroom with pink flowers painted on the wall next to a mirror and toilet paper
a woman is painting a wall with green stripes on it and holding a pair of scissors in her hand
Faux Striped Wallpaper : A Not So Quick DIY Accent Wall
the hallway is decorated with red, white and blue striped wallpaper
a white sink sitting under a mirror in a bathroom
Brooklyn - Heidi Caillier
Brooklyn - Heidi Caillier
a living room with a fireplace, mirror and floral wallpapers on the walls
Inside Maude Apatow’s Relaxing Haven in NYC
Maude Apatow: Inside Her Relaxing Haven in NYC | Architectural Digest
the floor is painted with different colors and patterns
Suuri lattiapostaus
a coffee cup sitting on top of a green and white checkered floor next to a grate
the hallway is clean and ready to be used as a place for children's toys
crazy house capers
well, since I'm planning on being buried in the back yard.....why not personalize the place..
a living room filled with furniture and decor