Braun ET66 | by Dieter Rams & Dietrich Lubs

Braun (re-release) — Dieter Rams Dietrich Lubs Product Design…

SK4 by Dieter Rams | Flickr: Intercambio de fotos

Model of Dieter Rams' 1956 record player for Braun, also known as "Snow White's Coffin". Modelled, rigged and shaded in Max rendered in Vray.

Braun Audio 1 HiFi set by Dieter Rams

Braun Audio 1 HiFi (

// Dieter Rams designed, Braun Audio 1 Hifi system in the Thisispaper flagship store in Warsaw.

braun tocadiscos

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Dieter Rams’s credo is “less, but better”. In an interview with Design Boom he is asked to describe his style: “In Japanese they say ‘wabi sabi’. Together these two concepts mean ‘tranquility, simplicity, balance’, but also ‘liveliness’.


Four elements:TS 45 control unit TG 60 tape recorder and two L 450 speakers Metal 72 x 11 x 4 inches x x cm) Produced by Braun, Germany

Braun | Radio | Dieters Rams

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